Amir’s Garden

Amir’s Garden (Photo by A.C.Thamer via the LAist Featured Photos pool)

Amir’s Garden

Amir Dialameh worked a steep hill in Griffith Park for than three decades with a pick and shovel and turned a scorched, barren landscape into a lush, shaded grove that is visited daily by a steady stream of hikers and horseback riders.

For thirty-two years, Dialameh worked in the garden most days of the week, hiking up a service road to the rugged Mineral Wells location. Over the years, he planted pine and jacaranda trees along with rose bushes, geraniums, oleander, and yucca that grew into the beautiful oasis it is today.

“…what you need first and foremost here is shade,” Dialameh explained in 1989. “That’s why I planted trees like the jacaranda. In ten years, this place will be covered with their branches.”

His words were prophetic. Today Amir’s Garden is nearly five-acres of shady rest stop for Griffith Park’s hikers and equestrians.

Directions from the San Fernando Valley:

Take I-5 SOUTH to the Western Ave exit going WEST. (The Western Ave exit is the last exit off of I-5 before the I-5 — SR-134 interchange.)

Go STRAIGHT through the light at Lake Street to the light at Victory Blvd.

Turn LEFT on Victory Blvd.

Go STRAIGHT through the light at Riverside Drive, continue across the LA River bridge until the ROAD DEAD-ENDS at Zoo Drive in Griffith Park.

Turn RIGHT on Zoo Drive.

Go STRAIGHT at the stop sign at Zoo Drive and Griffith Park Drive & FOLLOW THE ROAD (Griffith Park Drive) for a mile or so to the Mineral Wells Picnic Area. (The Mineral Wells Picnic Area is in the bottom of Toyon Canyon… you will pass the Green Recycling Facility on the way there. )

Park at the SOUTH EAST-MOST end of the Mineral Wells Picnic Area parking lot. (You should be able to see the end of the golf driving range to your south-east. If you reach the golf driving range, you have gone too far). Park, and face the hill (facing south)– start hiking up the fire road straight in front of you. Amir’s Garden is approximately a half mile hike up the main fire road trail closest to the south-most part of the Mineral Wells Picnic Area parking lot.

Hike up the trail, you will pass Water Tank #73, the tank is half way to the Garden. Amir’s Garden is on the next major switchback.

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