Coming soon: New Art Posts by Franck de las Mercedes @fdlm

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Franck de las Mercedes and I am a visual artist living and working in New York City. I was invited by this platform after creating a section on my blog titled “Fellow Artists”, in which I [...]

Calling all musicians….wanna get paid? Join us!

A working artist is a happy artist. But are you not feeling love from the industry? Join ModernDayMusician.com, a community founded by musicians for everything music. ModernDayMusician.com is an interconnected community of independent music [...]

She Booked a Series Regular with No Television Credits Plus NY and L.A. Giveaways Today

Hey AGR’rs, Last week, I announced that AGR’r Brooke Ishibashi booked a Series Regular role on the upcoming NBC 1/2 Hour Pilot “People Are Talking” as a result of coming to AGR. Sometimes [...]

Silence The Voice of Doubt by DOING

By Jenny Hansen If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. — Vinny vG. Yep, that “Vinny vG” was a do-er. [That’s Vincent van Gogh to the rest of us, [...]

The World Premiere of Dorian’s Descent

 The World Premiere of Dorian’s Descent limited engagement through July 20, 2014 at the world renowned MET Theatre. Dorian’s Descent, the new musical created by Requiem Media Productions, LLC will be produced by DOMA Theatre Co (LA Times [...]

Seshu Kiran and his “Ensemble of Sierra”

Seshu Kiran is a natural nature lover. That’s what he recollects most of his collectors say. He is known for making subtle, yet brilliant pieces of art particularly large landscapes. He also says “I am not here to make preachy art, [...]

Rock Your Walls

Wolfgang’s Vault is the world’s most exceptional collection of live music, poster art, vintage t-shirts, concert photos, concert tickets and other rock music memorabilia. The Vault’s holdings feature the complete archives of legendary [...]

First Lady Michelle Obama Honors Local Youth Program

FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA HONORS WRITEGIRL FOR EMPOWERING TEEN GIRLS Los Angeles nonprofit receives National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award (LOS ANGELES, CA) In the face of high dropout rates and minimal arts education in Los Angeles [...]

Are You Seeing In The Next Room? Or The Vibrator Play?

The fledgling company Theater Union offers a brilliantly performed smart sexy comedy about a young woman’s efforts to rekindle love and passion in her marriage. Theatre Union In The Next Room or the vibrator play Lounge Theater [...]

South LA Hack-A-Thon

South LA Hack-A-Thon: Date: Saturday, April 13th Time: 11am-4pm Location: Normandie Christian Schools, 6306 S. Normandie Ave., Los Angeles 90044 Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/141178386058974 Eventbrite link: http://southlahackathon.eventbrite.com Workshops: [...]