The Pool Walker’s Creed

By Piper Bayard Long ago, my writing partner Holmes and I discussed the fact that we’re no good to each other dead. As we age, we have to work a little harder at that not getting dead thing than we used to. So we agreed that our bare minimum [...]


The mission of Rico’s Get Better Foundation is to help youth around the world G.E.T. B.E.T.T.E.R. (Grow and Evolve Through Better Experiences To Transmit Enlightening Results) through sports, education, and innovative technology. The RGBF [...]

Together we can heal…

Heal One World was formed to help connect people in need of non-invasive treatments and preventative practices, that are generally not covered by insurance, access to this help on a sliding scale or donation basis. We hold classes on a free [...]

Rhythm + Flexibility = Strength

BRAUSA is Federal tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Mission BRAUSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle for all, including people with special needs, by providing cultural [...]

Happy & Healthy

Cooking with Gabby Our mission: To combat childhood obesity from the earliest possible age…Empowering children, families and communities to live healthy lifestyles through our E.A.T. philosophy – Education, Activity & Total [...]

Lifesaving? Swimming? Surfing?

Information for the 2013 Junior Lifeguard Program Returning JG Registration will begin at 9am on March 4th and end at 5pm on March 29th. General Program Information The Junior Guard Program is offered to all boys and girls in Los Angeles County.  [...]

Santa Monica Swim Center

Santa Monica Swim Center 2225 16th Street Santa Monica, CA 90405 310.458.8700 Wet water work out, swim lessons, life training, water polo, synchronized team, adult fitness swim class, diving… From the 10 West: Exit Cloverfield, turn [...]

“Better” Has No Finish Line

This Week’s Inspiration: “Better” Has No Finish Line by Jenny Hansen   This “getting back in shape” stuff is killing me. Last week, I shared with you some important lessons Crossfit is teaching me about [...]

Important Lessons Crossfit Is Teaching Me About Writing

What Crossfit Is Teaching Me About Writing by Jenny Hansen   Hubby and I have been trying to get into better shape since last September and after four months, I’ve got to confess it: I still don’t like exercise. Our fitness [...]

Barefoot Tiger is coming to Los Angeles in 2013!

That’s right, we’re going bi-coastal! Beginning in January 2013, the fabulous Alyssa Mann (personal trainer, massage therapist and Intake Advisor extraordinaire at Barefoot Tiger in New York) will be spearheading our expansion [...]