By Ellie Ann

CONFESSIONS by Ryne Douglas Pearson, is an engaging, character-driven mystery. From the first page to the last, the outstanding prose hooks with drama and great characters.

Confessions Ryne Douglas Pearson

Chicago Police Chaplain, Father Michael Jerome, is called to give last rites to a dying criminal and hears a heart wrenching confession about a murder that took place five years ago. A murder that sounds eerily familiar, committed at the same time Father Michael’s sister was slain by an unknown assailant. Sworn to the sanctity of the confession, Father Michael begins his own hunt for answers. What he discovers changes everything he believes about family, faith, and what they are made of.

Michael is an intelligent, compassionate hero readers can root for in this deep and engrossing mystery. The characters are realistic and sympathetic and draw you easily from scene to scene. Each twist and turn holds a surprise, and the climax is both shocking and wholly satisfying. The prose is fresh, the details sharp, and the tension rife on every page. CONFESSIONS is not only a page turner, it is a moving story about confessions, forgiveness, and grief.

I give CONFESSIONS Five Stars. Highly recommended.

You can find CONFESSIONS, along with other best sellers by Ryne Douglas Pearson, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Ryne’s website, Ryne Douglas Pearson.

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Ellie Ann is a thriller author and an editor for Stonehouse Ink Publishing. You can find her latest release, Breaking Steele, co-authored with #1 Best Selling Author Aaron Patterson, in print or on kindle at Amazon. Ellie Ann blogs at I’m Ellie Ann.

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