DJ, Coffee, Karaoke – Your One stop shop Production company for your everyday needs!

Lil Saint Productions is not just a normal DJ/Karaoke business. We are a ONE stop shop production company that gets business done right for our customers. We provide DJ services along with many other services.


We Dj/Host Karaoke for private events and non profit organizations in many areas in California especially in LA. We sell organic Coffee as well and we also give free transportation to our clients who need a ride to their destination.


We are a company That provides Dj services with karaoke & lights, we provide other services as well:


  • - Motivational Speaking
    - Rentals
    - Transportation
    - Website Creations
    - and Teach people how to make money with out spending money

We want to see our clients with a smile where you’re the Star of your party we just put an accent to it to make you shine.


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