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Danica Patrick has done something that no other female has done in the history of the Top Division of the Sport. She is now the pole-sitter for the Daytona 500. Keep in mind, this is not the only first for her and if the odds are in “her favor” maybe more very soon. I want to look at the odds of her winning the race due to her starting position of pole sitter. Dale Jarrett was able to accomplish the feat 13 years ago. She might feel a little on edge due to her having to Race in the Duels. Danica has to hope that she can race in the duels and not involved in an accident that takes the crashes the car out or the car needs an engine change. Those two things would make her no longer the pole-sitter for the Daytona 500.

Kevin Harvick, who is in his, last year with Richard Childress Racing won the Sprint Unlimited Race that was run February 16. This has to be a much needed ego injection for him as well as his team considering the lack-luster result of last year’s Chase run where he finished 8th in points. His focus might have been sharpened due to the fact that his only responsibility is driver along with that still new fatherhood “pride.” Might this be a prelude to a championship run?

Unlike Danica and Kevin, the Daytona sun did not shine so brightly on those that we involved with wrecks during testing and the before mentioned race. Hendrick, Roush, Furniture Row Racing and others took a beating attempting to see what the Sixth Generation Car was capable of doing. Granted, those thoughts exist in the foreground of any testing and or practicing. But when it comes to the Super Speedway, that anxiety is brought forth to the forefront of anything else. Almost all are in agreement that the teams and all involved have already said that the racing will be very competitive and most are pleased overall with the new car’s performance.

Now comes to the weight for the Duels that will take place on this Thursday. So Far we have one record already in the books and if history is shown to be right, which it usually is, there will be more to follow. I await with eager anticipation of seeing the Duels on Thursday and see what comes next.

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Stock Car Racing

NASCAR Stock cars racing in a Super Speedway coming off the high banking and towards the Start/Finish Line. (Photo Courtesy of Morguefile.com)

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