Seshu Kiran and his “Ensemble of Sierra”

Seshu Kiran is a natural nature lover. That’s what he recollects most of his collectors say. He is known for making subtle, yet brilliant pieces of art particularly large landscapes. He also says “I am not here to make preachy art, my connection to whatever I am creating is profound and I would love transferring the same experience to you, when you see the finished painting”

His paintings are born out of pure imagination and not a photographic references. But the for the setup and the nature of intricate details, he directly studies the subject matter or visits a place. This painting was a natural hit at a show in Laguna Beach, CA. The misty landscape looks intrinsically dull in the depth but gains a striking brilliance as you see the foreground. Many people would lock their gaze on it!

In yet another show in the downtown Los Angeles, people coveted a piece at the opening of the show itself. Light creeps as a trademark theme in most of his paintings. This brilliant piece connected itself tomany hearts.“Ensem

Unlike his regular painting style that takes days to implement, he created a series of impressionist variety. And the art gallery at El Dorado Nature Center is hosting this “Ensemble of Sierra”.

This series is born out of his visit to California’s Sierra during last year’s fall. Impressionism gave a way to ‘vent-out’ the inspiration in swift fashion with rapid brush strokes. He says that this was justified because of the inherent imploding beauty of the Sierra’s fall!

Some of those who admired this work include, famous American violinist Lindsey Sterling and LA Emmy winner musician Knox Summerour.

The last few paintings of the series are shown at the gallery.

Contact- artmine.kiran@gmail.com

“Ensemble of Sierra” opened on June 7th and will be up all month. Seshu Kiran can be reached any time using the contact info provided above. El Dorado Park Nature Center & Art Gallery is located at 7550 E Spring St.


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