She Booked a Series Regular with No Television Credits Plus NY and L.A. Giveaways Today

Hey AGR’rs,

Last week, I announced that AGR’r Brooke Ishibashi booked a Series Regular role on the upcoming NBC 1/2 Hour Pilot “People Are Talking” as a result of coming to AGR. Sometimes things are too good to be true but with AGR…it’s all true. And now…there’s a Green Pod interview!

In our 100th Green Pod (our free podcast on iTunes) episode, our Green Poddess Amanda B. Goodman interviewed Brooke about her journey with AGR and how she came to land the role.

  • Hear Brooke talk about how she attended all of the other networking companies in NYC but AGR was the only one which helped

  • Brooke talks about how AGR’s intimate classes and relaxed atmosphere led the way to her doing her best work

  • Brooke has an agent but couldn’t get in the door with casting directors for anything because she had no film & television credits

  • Brooke had a Career Consultation with me, Jen Rudolph, in which we honed her “type”, I made her she was marketing herself effectively, told her who to target, gave her sides that were written to sell and en pointe in terms of her type and she started getting called in.

  • After a Series Regular audition for a FOX Pilot as a result of coming to AGR, Brooke’s agent was able to use that as leverage to get her in for the NBC pilot and she ended up booking the role.

Pretty cool, huh?

Los Angeles actors: 

Brooke’s story is in no way a guarantee of success. But I can tell you this: Provided you have the goods, our formula plus the guidance we offer is the potential clincher.

Things take time. Nothing happens overnight. It’s a journey and requires lots of hard work. I want you to try us out and take your journey with us. Hundreds of actors have advanced their careers with us.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao-Tzu

As we are only 2 months old in Los Angeles. We are a mere babe in the sea of workshops out there but I can tell you…we will blow everyone else out of the water with success stories just like we have in NYC. If you are new to AGR L.A. and have not taken a class with us yet, I would like you to email me personally by 7PM PST and I will give you a code to give you a discount towards your first class with us for March. 🙂 We have some spots left for March classes which you can find here

New York and Los Angeles Actors:

We will be holding 2 Facebook contests (one for NY and one for LA) in which we will be giving away a FREE spot to an intensive in both cities. For L.A. it will be for tomorrow night’s intensive with Ty Harman from Guthrie/Goddard Cating and for NY it will be for this Saturday’s intensive with Mia Cusumano from Bowling/Miscia Casting. The NY contest will be at 6pm EST and the LA one will be at 6pm PST. Check out our Facebook page 🙂

We believe in you. We have your back. We always will.

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