The Art Of Peace, One Deed At A Time

By KM Huber As impossible as peace seems, whether worldwide or within each one of us, there is an art to peace, and if we will recognize that art, we may find a way to global and personal peace. Of course, we start small. Whenever I consider [...]

You Are Enough…and Always Have Been

By KM Huber There is an art to being enough, although most of us struggle to believe that we are ever enough. How can we know? Far too often when we want to see if we measure up in any or all aspects of our lives, we look outside ourselves, [...]

Working With the Reality We Have

By KM Huber When we shift our attention to a memory or a future fantasy, we stray from the present, from what is real. Each moment is all we ever have, and it is more than enough if we stay with it, neither straying to what we have known nor [...]

Immortality: A Matter of Shedding

By KM Huber Shedding is a term I learned from Mark Nepo’s Book of Awakening; he is a great teller of stories for he knows their power. One of the early stories of humans shedding their skin comes from the North Borneo Dusuns who believe when [...]

Forgiveness is More Than an Afterthought

By KM Huber Forgiveness may be the heart of peace but giving and getting forgiveness from the heart is never easy for any of us. At best, it is an afterthought or even a consequence. “Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds [...]