The Right Way to Love Your Body

by the Drunk Jedi

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Sing the body electric. (Image by Jessica Kory at WANA Commons.)

Sing the body electric. (Image by Jessica Kory at WANA Commons.)

I’ll admit to making a resolution to reclaim the health of my body in 2013. I basically thought that would amount to doing some physical therapy to regain the flexibility of my elbow (which was dislocated by a strong wave at the beach when I was fourteen… in my defense, it was hurricane season). Now I’m realizing it’s gonna be a much bigger theme than a little elbow stretching.

My body, you see, has begun making demands of me. It’s fed up with my bullshit.

“Is this what you call exercise?” my body asks. “You do zumba one day a week! What about yoga? Or bellydancing? Remember when we were doing that? I liked that. Can’t we do something together at least three days a week? I actually like spending time with you, you know.”

“Is this what you call dinner?” my body asks. “Tuna Helper? This sucks. You know I hate enriched white flour noodle-like things, and that cheese powder? Don’t get me started.”

Now that I think about it, my relationship with my body kinda resembles an abusive relationship. Just look at a few more questions it’s asking me:

“Why do you say bad things about me?”

“Why don’t you have time for me?”

“Why don’t you take care of me so I don’t get sick?”

“Why don’t you trust me?”

And I have no answers because I have very little time for my body. I am like a walking head. I am like the spouse that’s not really invested in the relationship, while my wife (my body, that is—we are in a lesbian relationship) goes out of her way to get my attention, to make me feel good and to clean up all the messes I make. And what does she get for her efforts? Tuna Helper and a half-hearted masturbation session before I lose interest and fall asleep.

I know I’m not alone here—me and my body, I mean. We’re not alone. A lot of people have the same relationships with their bodies. It’s considered normal.

But here’s the thing.

Our bodies are the most long-term, ongoing relationships we will ever have. They are the portal through which we experience the world. Our flesh is not base. Our flesh is not unholy. Our flesh is the only way we have of experiencing life—of creating memories and feeling love and developing wisdom, not to mention of doing our work and helping others. Without it there would be no “hardware” to download information through. Everything we do, we do in cooperation with our bodies.

It’s just a fact that the better we treat our bodies, the better they treat us. But also, the way we treat our bodies has a strong effect on the way we experience the world.

People who go raw or vegan often talk about how their energy levels change. Being in their bodies literally feels different. Their brains are working differently, too. The way you treat your body affects the way you think, the way you create, the way you interact with people and the way you do your job. It most certainly affects your relationship with yourself.

Try eating fast food for a solid month and see whether that doesn’t affect your body and the way you experience the world.*

Actually, try this instead. Try loving your body. Not just thinking happy thoughts about it, or saying nice things about it. Actions are more grounding than thoughts or words, and we’re talking about the flesh here. Walk the talk, and do good things for your body. Take a dance class. Go for a walk. Go vegetarian, or start eating meat again, depending on what’s right for you. Get a massage. Learn better sex. Dress it in flattering clothes and comfortable shoes. Stop telling it that it’s broken. Listen to your body.

It might feel selfish at first. In fact, if your relationship with your body is anything like mine has been, it will definitely feel selfish at first. But this is your life we’re talking about. This is the time you have on earth to do what you can for the world. If you never take care of yourself, you can’t be really there to take care of anything (or anyone) else. **

Otherwise, it won’t be long until your body—like a slow-to-anger spouse who becomes ruthless over years of neglect—gets tired of eating Tuna Helper, and all that other bullshit you put it through, and makes you sick. It might even kill you. Hell hath no fury like a body scorned.


* Um, please don’t try this. There’s a movie about a guy who already tried this, so you don’t have to.

** Especially if you have kids. It doesn’t matter what you tell them. Kids learn by example. They’ll learn how to treat their bodies by watching how you treat yours.



L. Marrick is a historical fantasy writer and freelance copywriter. She waxes poetic about swords and the Renaissance Faire at her author blog. She looks all professional-like at her copywriting site. She eats too much chocolate and still doesn’t believe downward dog is supposed to be a restful yoga pose. You can connect with her at either of her websites.

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